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    27.11 – 01.12.2014 • first edition
Index Art Book Fair at Museo de Arte de Zapopan, Guadalajara, Mexico
Program Publishers

Thursday, November 27

8:00 p.m.
Opening and presentation of projections by Monocromo and Stuart Comer.
Monocromo (Mx), is a collective of Morelia conformed by Tania Chávez, Paloma Gamiño, Miguel Angel Herrera, Paulina Morales and Francisco Zúñiga. Using different media (from paper to USB memories) Monochrome edits "artzines" that include videos and animations that converse with different aspects of contemporary culture.
Stuart Comer (Us) is the Chief Curator of the Department of Media and Performance at the Museum of Modern Art in New York (MoMa). Stuart made a sort of "exquisite corpse" of video clips carefully rescued from the internet that he titled Caught in the Act. This selection was premiered in the Fringe! London's Queer Film & Arts Fest in its 2012 edition. Suitable for teenagers and adults.

Friday, November 28

12.00 pm
workshop: Do not judge a book by its cover
Maxime Dossin (Be), graphic designer co-founder of the independent publisher Cypress. He is currently a design professor at the UNAM Campus Morelia.
Nicolás Pradilla (Mx), editorial designer; together with Gabriela Castañeda, she directs the Workshop of Economic Editions, a micro-publishing house founded in 2010.
In this workshop participants will be invited to make a book based on the covers of an existing book. Activity open to all public.

5.00 pm
presentation: BAS Artists Books Project
Banu Cennetoglu (Tr)
Presentation of the BAS project (officially Istanbul Art Research Association), a library and archive under the curatorship of Banu Cennetoglu and other Istanbul artists.

7.00 pm
panel discussion: Books in situ.
Alexandra Baudelot (Fr), art critic, co-director of Laboratoires Aubervilliers, Paris and founder of the contemporary art platform Rosascape.
Kit Hammonds (Uk), independent curator, co-founder of the independent book fair Publish and Be Damned and professor at the Royal College of Art in London.
On-site books invites an art critic and an independent curator to examine and discuss the platforms on which artist books are presented.

8.30 pm
performance: White Fungus / The Subconscious Restaurant
Ron & Mark Hanson and Jonny Hu (Tw)
Artistic performance with sounds by Taiwanese DJs and artists Betty Apple and Wang Fujui.
The Subconscious Restaurant is an experimental interdisciplinary journal edited in Taiwan by White Fungus (Mark and Ron Hanson) It covers dynamic performances loaded with sound and visual kinetic effects.

all day - projections:
Selection of videos under the curatorship of the artists Stuart Comer, Kit Hammonds, Emma Holmes, Monocromo.

Saturday, November 29

12.00 pm
workshop: Fanzine to carry
Imparten: Libros Mutantes (Es), art books fair in Madrid, project by Silvia Bianchi, Ricardo Juárez and Carlos Primo that brings together the best of the Spanish independent scene. The multidisciplinary dimension of the fair is reflected in projects that transfer independent editorial philosophy to practices such as sewing, gastronomy, photography or product design.
Those attending this workshop will be able to experiment with different editorial, graphic or artistic techniques with the aim of creating, step by step, their own publication. Each attendee can create a unique fanzine from the hand of five artists. Activity open to all public.

5.00 pm
panel discussion: The magazine club
Oscar Benassini (Mx), is editor of the design newspaper Folio and the art critic magazine Cain. In addition, he is co-editor of the arts magazine La Tempestad.
Luis Felipe Ortega (Mx), multidisciplinary artist belonging to the now iconic generation of the group Temístocles 44. He has exhibited his work internationally and was recently selected with Tania Candiani to represent Mexico in the 56th edition of the Venice Biennial.

7.00 pm
panel discussion:The artist's book
Gabriel Kuri (Mx), acclaimed international artist, his work explores the formal and conceptual possibilities of sculpture in a fascinating comings and goings between the abstractions of forms, the inherent coding of them and their potential uses. Kuri has published several artist books, including Bottled Water Branded Water.
Damian Ortega (Mx), one of the most outstanding contemporary artists of the international scene; his sculptures and installations composed of materials and everyday objects comment on politics, consumerism, and perception processes. Damián is founder of the independent publisher Alias.
Erica Overmeer (Nl), photographer of Dutch origin, has made several publications of his work mainly dealing with architecture and landscape. Likewise, in 2012 he collaborated in the realization of the Swiss pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennial.
We brought together three artists deeply involved in the creation and editing of artist books to learn more about the dynamics between artist, work, editor and book.

4.00 pm and 8.00 pm
Francesco Pedraglio (It)
Curator, artist and Italian writer, Pedraglio is co-founder of the London collective FormContent. Through performance, video and installations, it uses storytelling dynamics. The performance is based on his book A man in a room spray-painting a fly ... (or at least trying to ...) recently published by Book Works.

all day - projections:
Selection of videos under the curatorship of the artists Stuart Comer, Kit Hammonds, Emma Holmes, Monocromo.

Sunday, November 30

12.00 pm
workshop: Kids workshop
taught: Mutant Books, Barriobejero (Es),
Workshop for children in which students will create their own art book, experimented with various graphic or artistic techniques. Children will learn these techniques through the creation of different textures, which will be collected in a small booklet as a catalog.

5.00 pm
panel discussion: The potential of the book
Kit Hammonds (Uk), independent curator, co-founder of the independent book fair Publish and Be Damned and professor at the Royal College of Art in London.
Jorge Munguia (Mx), architect, economist and curator of art; directs the office of cultural projects and strategies Buró-Buró.
Hammonds and Munguía will talk about the potential of the book and its quality to expand beyond its physical limits and enter into dialogue with other disciplines and supports.

7.00 pm
panel discussion: Approaches to the edition: From the office to the academy
Blair Richardson (Us), American graphic designer, founder of Little Mule Studio where she works with traditional printing techniques
Gabriela Castañeda (Mx), co-founder of the independent publishing house Taller de Ediciones Económicas and collaborator in TRAMA Centro, an organization of artists and cultural managers.
The learning and exercise of editing in Mexico has two sides. On the one hand, it is presented as a tradition that is transmitted from generation to generation in the form of a trade, on the other hand, it is learned in an academic context and is exercised in design studies. Mexico is one of the few countries in which these two phenomena coexist.

all day - projections:
Selection of videos under the curatorship of the artists Stuart Comer, Kit Hammonds, Emma Holmes, Monocromo.

Monday, December 1

12.00 pm
workshop: L'Automatic
impart: L'Automatic

5.00 pm
presentation: No ISBN Project
Bernhard Cella (At), Artist and curator, Cella uses the book as a means of expression. In 2007 he founded Salon für Kunstbuch, an installation that is presented as a bookstore and which is actually a scale model made on a 1: 1 scale that is implanted as a place where a relational game between objects, people and works of art unfolds. His research project No ISBN catalogs publications that exist outside this ubiquitous book identification system, intended for commercial use.

7.00 pm
panel discussion: Can books pay the rent?
Rafael Prieto (Mx), co-founder of the Savvy design studio and the Casa Bosques bookstore.
Sara Schultz (Mx), editor of the independent project Alias, dedicated to the publication of contemporary art books.
To answer this question, Rafael and Sara will talk about two projects (one since the edition and the other through distribution) that have managed to pay the rent.

all day - projections:
Selection of videos under the curatorship of the artists Stuart Comer, Kit Hammonds, Emma Holmes, Monocromo.

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credits: Erica Overmeer, Coke Bartrina